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About Us

Stilnovo S.p.A produces and distributes tights and seamless fashion apparel worldwide for private label clients and through its own emilio cavallini brand.

Technical Innovation Meets Creativity

Founded in 1970, Stilnovo is a leader in the hosiery industry, combining innovative legwear design and state-of-the-art technology to create products of superb style, fit and quality. Emilio Cavallini is the founder, designer, and creative genius behind Stilnovo, and the company is entirely owned by the Cavallini family.

Emilio Cavallini is, and always has been, a fashion maverick: "When I started Stilnovo, I was intrigued by the idea of pulling hosiery out of anonymity, of transforming it into a 'garment' unto itself," says Emilio Cavallini. The designer adds, "Miniskirts expose so much of the leg that tights are an integral part of any outfit. Let's face it, the leg makes up more than 30 percent of a head-to-toe look."

Each season, Stilnovo presents a brilliant collection of avant garde items paralleling, and often anticipating, fashion trends. The company is ahead of the curve when it comes to developing the newest technologies, resulting in consistently excellent quality and innovation.

Flexibility and customized service

Thanks to a Flexible structure, the company can fulfill clients needs very well and very quickly. Late-season orders are never a problem.


Thanks to our own talented research and development team and to our cutting-edge technology, our collections are always trendy. Every year we develop more than 200 styles, to suit the needs of our different types of customers, whether they are looking for conservative or fashion items

Different Yarns

We use the best yarns, both synthetics and natural fiber ( viscose, merino wool, modal, cashmere, cotton)

Special Developments

We support the client and we are able to turn their own concept into the final product

Private Label Packaging

We help and support the client in developing and sourcing a packaging based on their own needs.

Broad range of items

Stilnovo produces tights, thigh-highs, socks and knee-highs, as well as seamless bodywear and clothing for women.
Each collection presents an impressive range of patterns, including jacquard, open-work, fishnet, devorè, printed and metallic.
These patterns are produced with the finest synthetic and natural yarns (cotton, viscose, merino wool, modal and cashmere).

Basic Best Seller

Soft Viscose Tights

Soft and Warm Merino Wool Tights

Super Soft Viscose/Cashmere Tights

Sheer Tights with Control Top

3 Dimensions Barely Opaque Tights

3 Dimensions Super Opaque Microfiber Tights

Extra Comfort Seamless Waist Band Tights

Thermal Tights


Since launching his eponymus label more than 40 years ago, Emilio Cavallini has combined his passion for art, fashion and pop culture with his curiosity and respect for cutting-edge technology. The result...four decades of design innovation...and a world full of women enlivening their legs in eye-opening legwear.

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Green Philosophy

The Stilnovo factory has been equipped with a new solar solar panel electricity plant. By investing in renewable energy Stilnovo reduces 85.462 kg of carbon emissions in the atmosphere each year.
Stilnovo also uses Mix Paper done with materials coming from certified forests, controlled wood and recycled fiber. By using this paper Stilnovo saves up to 1250 trees each year!
At Stilnovo we don't throw away the wasted yarn that comes from the production process, we give it to home furnishing companies for their use.

Solar Panel

Mix Paper

Wasted yarn recycling

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